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Morganna – proud to show and work the only two full champions in the breed.

Tarot wins the dog CC at Crufts 2019. Also Reserve CC at Crufts 2020 and 2018

The breed clubs’ annual awards for 2019 have been announced. A good year for Morganna.

Amor trophy – Top show and working combined  - awarded to Tarot 
Elmshall Shield – Highest import showing – awarded to Tarot 
Greenwire trophy for field trials – Tarot equal second
Sylvanus cup – top show points –  Tarot second
Arany Bowl Best Opposite Sex Show – Dottie 2nd
Haunsperg Trophy – best show male  -awarded to Tarot
Wearvale Trophy  - Top show bitch – awarded to Dottie
 Lanspar Trophy – Top Show Adult – awarded to Tarot with Dottie reserve
 Krugerand trophy  for top show pup goes to Ahna, followed by Dottie then Albert

2018 Annual Awards

The HWVA annual awards 2018 have been announced – Tarot – winner of the Elmshall Shield for top import, the Amor Trophy (working and showing combined),  joint first  for the Greenwire Field Trial trophy and second top show dog in breed.  

Dottie – winner of the Leiborschy Flask for top puppy in breed and the Leiborschy Goblet for top bitch pup.  Following in parents’ footprints!

Despite being lightly shown in 2018 owing to maternity leave Ruby came second in the top bitch competition.

In the HWVCGB awards Dottie was top puppy in breed, Tarot top male and Ruby top bitch and top Wire show dog.

2019  - Ruby – 21 CCs and 5 RCCs  (Bitch record holder)  Tarot – 9 CCs and 10 RCCs   Dottie 2 CC and 5 RCCs.  


Latest news – 2020- Tarot takes the dog RCC at Crufts. Ahna wins the junior class. 

January’s first championship show, Manchester,  sees Dottie win the bitch CC and Best of Breed under Becky Johnson.   Puppy Ahna wins two classes and goes Best Puppy in Breed.  Dottie now has 2 x CC and 5 x RCC

 At the HVS All Aged field trial Tarot takes second place.  GWPC All Aged field trial Tarot takes 4th place.  This follows his first field trial of the season where Tarot is awarded a third in the HVS All Aged stake.  Next day Tarot wins the dog CC and Best of Breed under breed specialist Sara Barnard at Midland Counties.  At the HWVCGB championship show under international judge Nathalie Parent he is awarded the CC and Best in Show.  This is a repeat of 2018 when he won the same award.  At Darlington under breed specialist Dr R Suchett Kaye Tarot takes the CC and BOB.   Dottie is awarded the RCC at Midland Counties and wins Limit at the HWVCGB, Darlington and Leeds championship shows.  She is awarded the RCC at Border Union and Bath championship shows . Tarot gets the RCC at Blackpool and Border Union.  He and Dottie take the dog and bitch RCCs at the HWVA championship show in March.    At Crufts Tarot wins best dog and his 6th CC.

The year’s first championship show, Manchester,  is a good one for Morganna.  Tarot wins the dog CC (his fifth) and Best of Breed and daughter Dottie takes two classes, Best Puppy in Breed, the bitch RCC and is shortlisted in the gundog group.  Dottie is also ‘OUR DOGS’ and HWVA Top Puppy in Breed 2018.


Latest news –   Morganna Anisette is awarded Top Puppy 2018 in the Our Dogs competition.  She has won 2 Best Puppy in Show, 12 Best puppy awards,  1 CC and puppy group 1,2 and 3 awards.

Tarot wins the mid Wales Gundog’s novice field trial in November 2018.   He makes history by being the first and only male full champion.  The first  full champion is my bitch,  Ch Morganna Star Anise JW ShCM.   Tarot  also wins his fourth CC and is awarded Best in Show at the HWVCGB’s championship show under well respected FCI International judge Tamas Jakkel.  Dottie wins the bitch CC and Best Opposite Sex at just eight months old.  A son wins the RCC at his first show at six months old. What a fabulous show for Morganna!

  At 23 months Tarot is awarded his third CC at Leeds Championship Show and is now Show Champion Zoldmali Szeles Morganna JW

Dottie wins Best Puppy in Show at the HWVA open show 2018.   At six months on the day Tarot and Ruby’s daughter Dottie (Morganna Anisette) wins Best Puppy in Breed at NGA championship show and puppy bitch two weeks later at WKC. BPIB at Richmond championship show, the HWVCGB and Midland Counties and  Driffield  championship shows. She is awarded puppy group 2 at Leicester CS show and group 3 at Stafford CS. She takes puppy group 1 at Sedgely and Gornall show.

Ruby is awarded her 21st CC with 15th BOB at Richmond championship show - following her CC Bournemouth Championship show 2018. This is a record for the breed.

June 2018. Ruby wins the bitch CC and goes Best of Breed at Border Union championship show under gundog specialist L Townsend.   This is the third consecutive year she has been awarded both titles and brings her record to 19 CCs with 13 BOBs.  

Tarot wins the dog RCC bringing his total 2 x CCs and 6 x RCCs.

Three Counties championship show – Tarot wins the CC and Best of Breed under breed specialist Terry Pearson.   Ruby is awarded the RCC. At Bath championship show Tarot wins the dog RCC under gundog specialist Editha Newton.  His total  is now  2  CCs and 5 RCCs.  Ruby stays at home having previously been awarded the CC under the judge.

Ruby wins the bitch CC and goes Best in Show at the HWVA championship show 2018 under gundog specialist Sandra Marshall.  She now has 18 CCs, 12  with BOB and  4 RCCs.  She has been Best in Show at both breed club shows this year.  Tarot is awarded the dog RCC bringing his total to 1 CC and 4RCCs. 


Just 9 weeks after her litter Ruby wins Best in Show at the HWV Club of Great Britain’s open show 2018 under gundog specialist Becky Johnson.

Tarot is Best Dog and Best Opposite Sex

2018 starts in style with Tarot winning Limit Dog and the Reserve Challenge Certificate at Crufts under breed specialist David  Alcorn. 

Two  records achieved in 2017  

Ruby is top HWV bitch for the third consecutive year and sets a bitch record with 17 CCs (11 with Best of Breed) and 4 RCCs.

Tarot, Zoldmali Szeles Morganna JW , at ten months,  is the youngest HWV to achieve a Junior Warrant. He is also Our Dogs Top Puppy in Breed 2017.

In January 2018 Tarot is awarded  his KC Working Gundog Certificate on live game. Beauty and brains like the other Morganna HWVs.

Morganna is awarded  joint Top Breeder 2016 by ‘Our Dogs’ 

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Champion Morganna Star Anise JWShCM

Ruby makes breed history again at just two and half by gaining her Show Gundog Working Certificate at a novice field trial and is now Champion Morganna Star Anise JW ShCM.  She is the only full champion in the breed.  In January 2017 she gains her Working Gundog Certificate on live game then in February 2017 Ruby is awarded a ‘good’ grading on her first grouse pointing test. I am thrilled with her achievement as she had only been on a grouse moor twice before.


Photo Country Shots

Another record broken – at the end of 2017 Ruby has 17 CCs (11 with Best of Breed) , 4 RCCs . She the top winning bitch 2017 and was the Top winning HWV  2016 

*Top HWV bitch 2017

*Top HWV  2016

*Top Show Bitch 2016

*HWVCGB Top Show HWV 2015

*HWVCGB Top Show Bitch 2015

*HWVCGB Top Puppy 2015                                                   

*HWVA and Dog World’s Top HWV Bitch 2015

*HWVA Runner up Top Puppy 2015

*Our Dogs, HWVA and HWVCGB’s Top Puppy 2014.

The youngest HWV show champion to date and first to have a Junior Warrant and Show Certificate of Merit.

         Sh Ch Morganna Star Anise JW ShCM

Show News 2017

At her first championship show of the year, Manchester, Ruby takes Best of Breed under gundog specialist Jean Byrne then is shortlisted in the gundog group by Liz Cartledge.  A great start to the new year.

March – At Crufts Ruby wins the Reserve CC under breed specialist Peter Harper.

In March Ruby wins Best in Show at the Bootle, Crosby and South Liverpool CS open show under specialist Professor David Brigden.

In April Ruby wins her 12th CC  and RBIS at the HWVA championship show under John Thirlwell.

At The National in May she wins her 13th CC and Best of Breed. this is the third consecutive year she has achieved this.

At Three Counties she is awarded her third Reserve CC.

Border Union sees Ruby awarded her 14th CC and she goes best of breed under Dr Ronald James. It’s a good day for Morganna as Tarot at just nine months old  is awarded the CC , Best puppy in breed and Best Opposite Sex.  He is then awarded 4th in the gundog puppy group by Mr Frank Whyte.  A just ten months old Tarot has amassed enough points for his junior warrant, the youngest HWV to gain this award.

Ruby wins the RCC at Bournemouth under Linda Upton then the CC at Richmond and the CC and BOB at Darlington under Penny Williams and Keeley Newman-Jones respectively. She is awarded best bitch at Driffield. At Midland Counties under gundog expert Tom Graham Ruby is awarded the CC. This gives her 17 CCs and 4 RCCs, a record for a HWV bitch.

Tarot wins the RCC at both Bournemouth and Darlington at just 12 months old. He wins best dog and Best of Breed at Driffield championship show beating Ruby.

Show News 2016

January  - Ruby win Best of Breed at Boston and also at Manchester Championship shows
May -  after a two month break from showing Ruby returns – winning the bitch CC and Best of Breed at The National under Gillian Pearson then to top it all gundog group three under Penny Williams. So thrilled!
June – At Southern Counties in June Ruby wins Best of breed under breed specialist Dr Suchett- Kaye.
June – At Three Counties Ruby wins the bitch challenge certificate – her sixth-  breaking the current record for a HWV bitch. Thanks to breed specialist Chris Guest.
June – At Border Union Ruby wins her 7th CC and Best of Breed under gundog specialist Jacqui Ward.  
July – Windsor Championship Show under breed specialist Rachel Thompson Ruby wins her 8th CC. This is a record for a HWV bitch.
July – at Dukeries Gundog Club Ruby is awarded Best in Show by gundog specialist Lesley Trow.
July – at Leeds championship show Ruby wins Best of Breed under Richard Morris.
September – at Darlington championship show Ruby wins the CC and Best of Breed under breed specialist Sara Barnard.  This is her 9th CC and 6th with best of breed
September – At Driffield championship show Ruby wins Best of breed under Lesley Trow and Gundog Group 3 under Tom Graham.
October - At Gundog Society of Wales she went best of breed under Colin Woodward then was shortlisted for BIS by Gordon Haran.
At Midland Counties ch show under Val Foss Ruby wins her tenth CC and BOB.
December. At LKA Ruby wins her 11th CC and Best of breed under Christine McDonald.  This is a record for a HWV  bitch
Ruby wins her third Challenge Certificate with Best of Breed at Darlington Championship Show and becomes  Show Champion Morganna Star Anise JW ShCM.  She is the youngest champion in the breed and the only HWV show champion to have a Junior Warrant and Show Certificate of Merit. I am very proud of this young lady who has achieved so much at just seventeen months of age. 

In December 2015 Ruby wins her fourth CC and Best of Breed at LKA. Thanks to specialist judge E Newton.

Zoldmali Alom for Morganna gains a ‘good’ grading at the HWVCGB grouse pointing test.  In 2016 she gains another ‘good’ grading then in 2017 she is awarded a ‘very good’ at the HPRGA GPT at Peak Naze. She wins first place in the HWVA’s novice dog and handler test at the Keith Scattergood memorial Working Test.

Morgana Star Anise JW (Ruby) – Our Dogs, HWVA and HWVCGB’s Top Puppy 2014-15

Latest success for Ruby – Reserve Best in Show at the HWVA open show. This win gives her the final points for her Show Certificate of Merit.

Ruby is awarded 2nd from an entry of 55  in the Junior Stakes at National Gundog Association’s Championship show.

She wins Best of Breed and then Reserve Best in Show at Crowle Agricultural Society’s open show.  This win gives her the Junior Warrant. She wins best of breed at East of England Championship show under P Butler-Holley. Earlier in that week she goes Best in Show group 3 under D Hodgkinson at Dukeries Gundog Club. Following her Challenge Certificate at the National Ruby wins the bitch Challenge Certificate at her next championship show,  Three Counties, under gundog specialist Carole Coode.  She is just 14 months old. At Birmingham National championship show Ruby wins the Bitch Challenge Certificate and then Best of Breed under gundog specialist David Alcorn.  She is shortlisted in the last eight of the Gundog Group under Hungarian specialist Tamas Jakkel.

At just 12 months old Morganna Star Anise wins the Reserve Bitch Challenge Certificate and Reserve Best in Show at the HWVA Championship Show 2015 under breed specialist Sharon Pinkerton. The next weekend she takes Best Bitch and Best of Breed at WELKS championship show.  Thanks to breed specialist Keeley Newman-Jones.

Crufts 2015 – Morganna Star Anise wins Best Puppy in Breed under breed specialist Doreen Smillie-Grey. I am so proud of her, a little Star indeed.  She then completes her puppy career with BP, BOB and Puppy Group 1 at Retford CS under gundog specialist Jane Eyeington.


Ruby winning Best Puppy in Show at seven months at the HPRGA show under Sue Harris.


Open Show news – Latest news

At Stoke on Trent Gundog Ruby wins best Puppy, Best of Breed and Reserve Best in Show.  At Newark CS she wins AVNSC puppy then goes on to Gundog Puppy Group 3. At Wath and West Melton she wins Best Puppy, Reserve best of breed and wins the Puppy Gundog Group.

January 2015 Boston and Manchester Championship Shows

At nine months Morganna Star Anise won Junior bitch and Best Puppy in Breed under Jill Peak at Boston championship show then went one better at Manchester Championship Show where gundog specialist judge Per Iverson gave her Puppy Bitch, Best Puppy, Best Bitch and Best of Breed in an entry of 40 HWVs.  She was then shortlisted for Best Puppy in the Gundog Group. A little star!  The day was made even better when Morganna Cosmopolitan won PG and was awarded Reserve Best Bitch.

Morganna Star Anise was a little star indeed at her first  championship show at just six months. She won Best Puppy and Puppy Group 4. A week later she won Minor Puppy bitch, Puppy bitch and Best Puppy at Midland Counties championship show.  At seven months she won Best of Breed and Best Puppy in Show at the HPRGA open show.  Following in her mother’s footsteps! At Oakengates CS she was awarded Best Puppy under breed specialist Tim Branney and puppy group 2 under D Craig.   Ruby was not yet eight months old so I am really delighted with these wins. Quite a start!

At LKA championship show Ruby wins Minor Puppy, puppy and best bitch puppy under breed specialist Ilex Whiting.  Tia wins Post Graduate.

At Driffield Championship Show Tia wins Junior, Best bitch and Best of Breed under gundog specialist Jean Byrne.

At her first show at just six months of age Morganna Cosmopolitan wins Best puppy in Breed at Manchester championship show under gundog specialist Editha Newton.  At her second show, an open show, she wins Best Puppy and Puppy Group 2.

At her second championship show she wins Puppy, Junior, Best Puppy in breed then goes on to be shortlisted in the final seven of the gun dog puppy group. Thanks to breed specialist R McMaster and group judge Keith Groom.

At East of England championship show Tia wins puppy bitch.

At Brimingham National Championship Show Morganna Toffee Crisp, ( Morganna Aramis x Lanspar Muskalti for Morganna) wins the Reserve Challenge Certificate  under breed specialist Terry Pearson. 

Ava wins Best in Show at the HWVCGB’s  show in April 2013 under Sonia Pike.  This is a repeat of last year when she also went Best in Show

27th October Finn wins Limit dog at Midland Counties Championship show under Editha Newton

Older news

16th September Finn wins Limit dog at Darlington Championship show under Alison Gates

15th September Finn wins Limit Dog at the WCGB championship show under Keith Groom

2nd September Finn wins Limit dog at City of Birmingham championship show under Chris Atkinson

4th August Finn wins his third Reserve Challenge Certificate under breed specialist Mike Egan at National Gundog Association championship show

10th June 2012 Finn completes his Show Certificate of Merit in style by winning Best in Show at Ashfield Canine Society Open show under judge Sue Braybrook.

1st June – Finn enters Limit for the first time , wins a good class and gains his second Reserve Challenge Certificate. Thank you Frank Whyte!

Birmingham National Championship Show under German breed expert Dr Axel Linnewaber was a good day for Morganna Weimaraners.
The Dog CC and Best of Breed was Sh Ch Mabanika Sandown JW Sh CM – sired by Morganna Marakesh.
Bitch CC Deifstock Dilemma sired by Sh Ch Morganna Millerson JW.
Post Graduate dog Morganna Mover JW sired by Sh Ch Morganna Millerson JW.
Junior and Yearling dog Risinglark Dante sired by Sh Ch Morganna Millerson JW.

My childhood was spent with dogs and horses so it was only natural that once I had my own home I would have dogs. Morganna gundogs was established in 1978 when I bought my first Weimaraner, Runshaw Grey Dove of Morganna. Soon after I bought my second girl, Halingei Bellona of Morganna, ‘Sassie’. Thus began a long love affair with this wonderful breed and Sassie with her wonderful breeding became the foundation of my line. She had all the best old lines – Monroes, Ragstone, Kisdons and Greyfilk. I have tried to remain true to these foundations in type and working ability. As well as being faithful family companions to me and my two children my Weimaraners have been shown and worked for most of this time with some success in the showring and field. I have been fortunate to make up a full champion, Ch Morganna Mozart, who was my introduction to field trialing. He won his third CC at Crufts and was a field trial winner and the Weimaraner Association’s top field trial dog in 1992. Since then I have made up Sh Ch Morganna Millerson JW and am currently showing his son, Morganna Mover JW ShCM who gained his Junior Warrant and Kennel Club stud book number at eleven months. He gained his Show Certificate of merit at two and won his first Reserve CC at 18 months. He  won two further RCCs in 2012.

All my dogs have the required KC health checks. Sh Ch Morganna Millerson JW  has sired many good dogs over the years. He has Dutch champion offspring, show winners in the UK and others with field trial awards.

More recently Hungarian Wirehaired Vizslas have joined my household and I am besotted with this breed. They are so gentle and willing and live so easily with the Weimaraners. I have kept my first homebred Wire, Ava and to date she has been successful in the showring winning a number of Best Puppies in Breed at championship level and Best of Breed at South Wales championship show.

When breeding a litter my priority is temperament, type, good bone and balance with an eye to working ability. It gives me great pleasure that people return to me for second and now third generation Morganna puppies. I am always willing to advise people and to offer support on any aspect of owning a Weimaraner or HWV.

I judge Weimaraners at championship level and HWVs at open level.

Life is good!

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