HJCh Aldozovolgyi-Drotos Dabas for Morganna

Photo D Parry

I imported Dabas from Hungary in March 2015.  He  was bred by Krisztina Varga. He is a super dog with a gentle temperament.  He  has a rich coloured wire coat (I call it a ‘Brillo’  coat as it’s so harsh) , kind head and expression, a level topline and good angulation fore and aft.  He is a powerful mover and  a wide ranging hunter with the Hungarian VAV hunting /working qualification. He is a Hungarian Junior Champion and has won two CACs and two CACIBs, the equivalent of UK challenge certificates.  He is a proven stud having sired quality litters in Hungary.  To date his litters in the UK are consistent in type and pups have his super temperament.

Most importantly he has a clear HUU status which means he does not carry the HUU gene. He can therefore be used on bitches which are HUU clear , HUU affected or HUU carriers and will not produce affected puppies.  He has ‘A’ clear hips and should be useful to the gene pool here in the UK.

His pedigree goes well with lines in the UK and his offspring are doing well as companions, working and in the showring with a number winning well, gaining first places at championship level.  Particular credit to  Holsan Wirestone from Morganna, CC winner and a consistent winner at championship shows with a Best in Show award at open level.

Best Puppy in Show at the HWVA open show 2016 was a Dabas daughter and at the 2017 show both Best in Show and Best Puppy in Show were his offspring.

His progeny have won CC and RCCs, field trial awards, grouse dogs and much loved companion dogs.