Zoldmali Alom for Morganna

I lost Freya in July 2019 to an aggressive cancer at just six years of age.  Freya was a great little dog, a super worker who gave her all.  She had a number of awards in spring pointing, grouse pointing and working tests.  She was invaluable on the shoot and worked every season.

 She was awarded a ‘Good’ grading at the HWVCGB grouse pointing test in February 2017 then a ‘very good’ at the HPRGA GPT in March 2017.  She then had a ‘good’ grading at the Hungarian Vizsla Society’s Spring Pointing Test in April.

Freya is awarded her KC Working Gundog Certificate on live game in January 2016 at the Rangemoor shoot.

She has a grading of ‘Good’ at the HWVCGB’s grouse pointing test in North Yorkshire July 2015. Thanks to judges Maureen Nixon  and  Roy Bebbington.  

 She wins first place in the HWVA’s novice dog and handler test at the Keith Scattergood Memorial Working Test.  Thanks to judge Stevie Allerton.



‘Good’ grading at grouse pointing test 2015

Freya gains her Working Gundog Certificate on Game

Freya first in novice dog - handler at the HWVA gundog test of

Freya joined us in March 2014 at the age of 8 months. She was bred in Hungary by Zsofi Miczek.  She is doing well in her gundog training and is a fast, stylish hunter. She enjoys retrieving and is a delight to live with.